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The webpages in this section consist of the most frequent statutes encountered in our practice, including:




27:23-29: Compliance with regulations


39:3-20: Operating Constructor Vehicle in Excess of 45 mph (marked as hidden)*


39:4-14.3: Motorized bicycles


39:4-14.3d: Operating only on bicycles


39:4-36: Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk (marked as hidden)*


39:4-41: Driving through safety zones prohibited


39:4-52: Racing on prohibited highway; fine


39:4-55: Action on steep grades and curves


39:4-57: Observance on directions of officers


39:4-66: Emerging from alley, driveway or garage


39:4-66.1: Entering alley, driveway, garage, or private road


39:4-66.2: Operation of motor vehicles


39:4-71: Driving on sidewalk


39:4-80: traffic control by officers


39:4-81: Observing traffic signals


39:4-82: Keeping on right


39:4-82.1: Two roadway highways; driving upon


39:4-85.1: One-way traffic, designation of highways for; signs


39:4-83: Keeping to right at intersections


39:4-84: Passing to right when proceeding in opposite directions


39:4-85: Passing to left when overtaking


39:4-86: Overtaking and passing vehicles


39:4-87: Overtaken vehicle to give away


39:4-88: Traffic on marked lines


39:4-89: Following; space between trucks


39:4-90: Right of way at intersection


39:4-90.1: Limited access highways, driving onto or from


39:4-91: Right of way of emergency vehicles; liability of drivers


39:4-92: Authorized emergency vehicles


39:4-96: Reckless driving; punishment


39:4-97: Careless driving


39:4-97a: Motor vehicle operation causing property destruction


39:4-97.1: Slow speeds as blocking traffic


39:4-97.2: Driving or operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner


39:4-98: Rates of speed


39:4-105: Color system


39:4-115: Making right or left turn


39:4-119: Traffic control signals operating as flashing mechanisms


39:4-122: Signal by police whistle


39:4-123: Right and left hand turns


39:4-124: Method of turning at intersection


39:4-125: Turning on curve with no “U turn” sign


39:4-126: Signaling before starting, turning or stopping


39:4-127: Backing or turning on street


39:4-127.1: Railroad crossings; stopping


39:4-127.2: Movable span bridges


39:4-128: Vehicles required to stop at grade crossings; method of crossing


39:4-128.1: Buses used for transportation


39:4-128.4: approaching or overtaking stopped frozen desert truck


39:4-129: Action in case of accident


39:4-144: Stopping or yielding right of way


39:5C-1: Racing or making of speed records; penalty


39:5D-4: Effect of conviction













2c: 11-3: Murder


2c:11-4: Manslaughter


2c:11-6: Aiding suicide


2c:11-5.1: Leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident


2c:12-1: Assault


2c:12-1.1: Leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident*


2c:12-1.2: Endangering an injured victim


2c:12-1.3: Failure to report the disappearance of a child


2c: 12-2: Recklessly endangering another person


2c:12-3: Terroristic threats


2c:12-10: Stalking


2c:13-1: Kidnapping


2c:13-2: Criminal restraint


2c:13-3: False imprisonment


2c:13-4: Interference with custody


2c:13-5: Criminal coercion


2c:13-7: Luring and enticing adult to commit criminal offence


2c:13-8: Human trafficking


2c:14-2: Sexual assault


2c:14-3: Criminal sexual contact


2c:14-4: Lewdness


2c:15-1: Robbery


2c:15-2: Carjacking


2c:16-1: Bias intimidation


2c:17-1: Arson and related offenses


2c:17-2: Causing or risking widespread injury or damage


2c:17-3: Criminal mischief


2c:17-3.1: Defacement or injuring to official traffic signs


2c:18-2: Burglary


2c:18-3: Criminal trespass


2c:18-5: Damaging or injuring tangible property


2c:20-3: Theft by unlawful taking or disposition


2c:20-4: Theft by deception


2c:20-5: Theft by extortion


2c:20-6: Theft of property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake


2c:20-7: Receiving stolen property


2c:20-7.2: Theft of scrap metal


2c:20-8: Theft of services


2c:20-9: Theft by failure to make required disposition


2c:20-11: Shoplifting


2c:20-25: Computer-related theft


2c:21-1: Forgery and related offenses


2c:21-2: Criminal simulation


2c:21-2.1: Documents that verify age or identity


2c:21-2.2: Law enforcement agency badges


2c:21-2.3: Motor vehicle insurance identification card


2c:21-2.4: Possession of forged or altered receipts


2c:21-4: Falsifying or tampering with records


2c:21-4.1: Purposeful destruction of record on order to deceive


2c:21-5: Bad checks


2c:21-6: Credit cards


2c:24-1: Bigamy


2c:24-4: Endangering welfare of children


2c:24-5: Willful support


2c:24-6: Unlawful adoptions


2c:24-7: Endangering the welfare of an incompetent person


2c:24-8: Endangering the welfare of elderly or disabled


2c:24-9: Employing a juvenile in commission of a crime


2c:25-30: Violation of order; contempt proceedings


2c:25-31: Contempt of order; arrest and custody of defendant


2c:28-1: Perjury


2c:28-2: False swearing


2c:28-3: Unsworn falsification to authorities


2c:28-4: False reports to law enforcement authorities


2c:28-5: Tampering with witnesses and informants


2c:28-5.5: protective orders interfering with case preparation


2c:28-6: Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence


2c:28-7: Tampering with public records or information


2c:28-8: Impersonating a public servant or law enforcement officer


2c:29-1: Obstructing administration of law


2c:29-2: Resisting arrest, eluding officer


2c:29-3: Hindering apprehension or prosecution


2c:29-3.1: Purposeful infliction of harm on animal


2c:29-4: Compounding


2c:29-5: Escape


2c:29-7: Bail jumping, default in required appearance


2c:29-8: Corrupting or influencing a jury


2c:29-8.1: Acceptance of contract during criminal proceeding


2c:29-9: Contempt


2c:29-11: Refusal to submit required blood for DNA testing


2c:33-1: Riot; failure to disperse


2c:33-2: Disorderly conduct


2c:33-2.1: Loitering for purpose of selling controlled substance


2c:33-3: False public alarms


2c:33-4: Harassment


2c:33-7: Obstructing highways and other public passages


2c:33-8: Disrupting meetings and processions


2c:33-8.1: Demonstrations at funerals; definitions


2c:33-9: Desecration of venerated objects


2c:33-10: Causing fear of unlawful bodily violence


2c:33-11: Defacement of private property


2c:33-11.1: Disorderly persons offense; forcible entry and detainer


2c:33-12: Maintaining a nuisance


2c:33-12.1: Abating nuisance


2c:33-12.2: Sexually oriented businesses


2c:33-13: Smoking in public


2c:33-13.1: Sales of cigarette to persons under 19 years of age


2c:33-14: Interference with transportation


2c:33-14.1: Vandalizing railroad warning signals


2c:33-15: Consumption of alcoholic beverages in public place


2c:33-16: Alcoholic beverages


2c:33-17: Service of alcoholic beverage to underage person


2c:33-19: Brining remotely activated paging device by student on property used of       school purposed; disorderly persons offense


2c:33-20: Use of remotely activated paging device


2c: 33-21: Use of information intercepted from police


2c:33-22: Capable of receiving transmission from police


2c:33-23: Radar devices used to monitor vehicle speed


2c:34-1: Prostitution and related offenses


2c:34-1.1: Loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution


2c:34-1.2: Prostitution offender program


2c:34-2: Obscenity for persons 18 years of age or older


2c:34-3: Obscenity for persons under 18


2c:34-3.1: Retailer defined


2c:34-3.2: Display by retailer of obscene material


2c:35-3: Leader of narcotics trafficking network


2c:35-4: Operating a controlled dangerous substance facility


2c:35-5: Manufacturing, distributing or dispensing


2c:35-5.2: Manufacture or possession of gamma hydroxybutyrate


2c:35-5.3: Manufacture or possession of flunitrazepam


2c:35-6: Employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme


2c:35-7: Possessing controlled dangerous substance


2c:35-7.1: Distributing or possession of controlled substances


2c:35-10: Possession, use or being under the influence


2c:35-10.2: Obtaining gamma hydroxybutyrate without a prescription


2c:35-10.3: Obtaining flunitrazepam without a prescription


2c:35-10.3a: Obtaining a mephedrone


2c:35-10.5: Distribution of prescription legend drugs


2c:35-11: Imitation controlled dangerous substance


2c:35-25: restrictions on retail sales of ephedrine products


2c:35-27: Possession of certain amounts of ephedrine products


2c:36-2: Use or possession with intent to use; disorderly persons offense


2c:36-3: Possession with intent to distribute or manufacture


2c:36-4: Advertising to promote sales


2c:36-5: Delivering drug to person under 18 years of age


2c:36-6: Possession of hypodermic syringe or needle


2c:36-6.2: Sale of hypodermic syringe by licensed pharmacies


2c:36-10: Defraud the administration of a drug


2c:37-2: promoting gambling


2c:37-3: Possession of gambling records


2c:37-7: Possession of gambling device


2c:39-4: Possession of weapons for unlawful purposes


2c:39-4.1: Possession of weapons during commission of crimes


2c:39-5: Unlawful possession of weapons


2c:39-9: Defacement of weapons and dangerous instruments


2c:39-9.1: Sale of knife with blade length over 5 inches


2c:39-15: Offer to sell machine gun without license


2c:40-1: Creating a hazard


2c:40-2: Refusing to yield a party line


2c:40-3: Hazing; aggravated hazing


2c:40-17: Tampering with cosmetic, drug, or food product


2c:40-21: Tattooing and body piercing of minors


2c:40-22: Driving without a license


2c:40-26: Driving while license is suspended

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