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Speeding is probably the most common moving violation that is prosecuted in New Jersey Municipal Courts. As most drivers know, there are various scientific devices used by law enforcement to measure the speed of motor vehicles, including radars, lasers and Vascar systems.

Due to the reliability of such devices, it is often difficult to prove that the device was not in proper working order. I addition, most drivers do not wish to retain an expert in the field to examine the device used or simply cannot afford to do so. As a result, the main goal for most drivers who are charged with speeding in New Jersey is to reduce the consequences of the speeding charge.

Generally, the penalties for speeding in NJ can include fines, costs and assessments, motor vehicle and insurance eligibility points, and in some instances, the suspension of your driver's license or jail time:

The Points For Speeding

The amount of points assessed by the Motor Vehicle Commission will depend on the speed that you were traveling:

  • 2 Points: 14mph or less
  • 4 Points: 15mph – 29 mph
  • 5 points: 30 mph or more

The Fines for Speeding

The fine for speeding is usually between $50.00 and $200.00. However, fines are doubled in certain instances, including:

  • Traveling 20 mph over the speed limit
  • Traveling 10 mph over the speed limit in a 65 mph zone
  • Speeding in areas designated as "safe corridors"
  • Speeding in a construction zone

The Costs and Assessments for Speeding

The potential costs for a speeding ticket do not stop at the fine. In all cases, you will be required to pay a $33.00 fee for court costs as well as $6.00 surcharge.

Jail Term or Suspension of Driving Privileges

If you have a poor driving record or you were driving at an excessive speed, the Municipal Court can impose as much as 15 days of jail for the infraction or a driver's license suspension.

At The Firm Cintron, we recognize that our clients' goals are to minimize these penalties as much as possible. Points on your driver's license can lead to an increase in insurance premiums, an increase in fines, and the possibility of a suspension from the Motor Vehicle Commission. For this reason, we know that your priority is to have the points reduced on the ticket or have no points at all.

At The Cintron Firm, we have the experience in dealing with New Jersey Municipal Courts to be able to achieve these types of results for you. If you are charged with speeding anywhere in New Jersey, please feel free to contact The Cintron Firm with locations in Ridgefield Park, New Brunswick, Montclair, West New York and Parsippany.

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