Shoplifting Charges in Lodi Municipal Court

The Borough of Lodi is in the heart of Bergen County. Lodi, NJ has a population of about 24,000 people and is home to many parks and playgrounds. There are also many stores and shopping centers within Lodi.

Due to the number of retail stores in Lodi, New Jersey, shoplifting is common. There are six forms of shoplifting in New Jersey. The most common form of shoplifting is when an individual purposely takes merchandise and leaves the store without paying for it.

However, there are other forms of shoplifting in New Jersey as well, including:

(1) Hiding an item

(2) Changing or removing a price tag from an item

(3) Removing an item from one container and putting it in a container from another item

(4) Allowing someone to purchase an item at less than the marked price of the item

(5) Removing a shopping cart from the store without the owner's consent

The consequences of a Lodi shoplifting charge depends on the value of the merchandise. For example, if the value of the merchandise is less than $200.00, shoplifting is considered a disorderly persons offense. A disorderly persons offense is a "misdemeanor." If the value of the merchandise exceeds $200.00, a Lodi shoplifting offense will be heard in Bergen County Superior Court in Hackensack, New Jersey. In some cases, if the value of the merchandise is only slightly over $200.00, the shoplifting charges will be downgraded to the Lodi Municipal Court.

Disorderly persons shoplifting offenses in Lodi, New Jersey will be heard in Lodi Municipal Court. The Municipal Court of Lodi is located at One Memorial Drive in Lodi, New Jersey. The presiding judge is the Honorable Tracie Nunno-D'Amico, P.J.M.C. Court is customarily scheduled on Thursdays.

If you have been charged with shoplifting under N.J.S.A. 2C:20 11 in Lodi Municipal Court, you should consult with an attorney at our office for help. Such a charge in Municipal Court can result in significant fines, community service, and up to six months in jail.